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Leadership Coaching

Personalized program focusing on improving leadership behaviours for enhanced business results. Globally, research shows that Executive Coaching or Leadership Coaching returns an ROI of $7.9 per one Dollar invested.

Coaching For Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) has been identified as a bigger predictor of success in leaders than IQ by several research reports across the world. Yet it is rarely taught in academic

Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching is a way of maximizing organizational performance while also providing a way to ensure individual success. Traditionally, coaching focuses on the individual being coached as a whole.

Marshall Goldsmith’s Executive & Team Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith is one of the top thinkers in the world and one of the best know executive coaches for several Fortune 50 CEO’s and leaders. Marshall’s Stakeholder

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Do you struggle with one or more of these at work?

  • Master Positive Politics and navigate organizational dynamics better
  • Manage difficult co-workers for better nuanced professional relationships
  • Build your executive presence and break through to the next higher level
  • Deal with enhanced, more complex expectations from a role change
  • Feel lonely without a trusted, mature, experienced sounding board professionally
  • Feel overwhelmed by disruptive change and the need to be a strong leader

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    Our Founder and Senior Executive Coach, Gowri S Ramani has recently been appointed to the prestigious position of State President, Karnataka Coaching Council, WICCI.


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Our coaching engagements lead to transformational and lasting change for our clients. And our clients are from diverse background with unique challenges. See a small sample of our portfolio of vast number of engagements.

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