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At Lumen Coaching, our mission is to enable senior leaders and executives become the best they can be, through leadership coaching. The founding principles of respect, empathy and partnership based on helping you challenge yourself are the basis of all our client interactions and engagements.

Coaching is a process led by means of powerful questioning by the coach to you, the client, within a safe, judgement-free and confidential space. The questions typically lead to deep reflections, powerful reframing of realities and previously unconsidered possibilities to find meaningful and sustainable solutions to your challenges. The coach is also a partner in your journey, invested in your success, holding you accountable for actions towards the desired change in professional and personal life.

Masterful coaching conversations are creative, thought provoking and safe. They will empower you to figure out the best way forward towards your goals. Coaching conversations enable individuals to reflect inwards and identify strengths they can marshal, weaknesses they can overcome and biases they didn’t know they were carrying – which have held them back on various aspects of life.

Our team of coaches come from diverse and extensive industry experience and world class coaching certifications.

At Lumen, we have been engaging with several clients from Top Tier companies across the globe, spanning multiple industries and sectors. Our engagement models and offerings are customized for each client’s unique requirements and expected outcomes.

Client Industries

As senior leaders and executives facing complex challenges of myriad kinds in the VUCA world, our clients expect results that are tangible and sustained over long time.

While each industry offers unique dimensions of problems, leadership challenges have common themes and patterns, in our experience. Our coaches come with diverse industry exposures and hands on leadership experiences themselves, which makes our partnerships relevant, efficient and effective in a personalized way for each client.

Client Roles

Our typical clients include senior executives, CXOs and Board Members. We also partner with Startup Founders, technology and functional leaders from companies globally.

Each client brings a unique dimension to perhaps a similar sounding problem as another client, however the journey of reflection is very unique to every individual, leading to absolutely personalized reframing of their situations and their view of the situations leading to a unique solution.

Result Areas

A few common themes across client challenges we have partnered with clients successfully include Strategic Thinking and Executive Presence, successful stakeholder engagement and playing Positive Politics. The attached figure gives a glimpse of more common areas that we have helped our clients overcome in their journey to become more effective leaders.

Whatever your leadership development needs, as an individual or as a company, we are happy to partner with you in your journey. 

Whatever your leadership development needs, as an individual or as a company, we are happy to partner with you in your journey. 

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