Systemic Team Coaching

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Systemic Team Coaching is a way of maximizing organizational performance while also providing a way to ensure individual success.

Traditionally, coaching focuses on the individual being coached as a whole. So, when members from a team are being coached within a company, they are all being coached as individuals who happen to be a part of the same organization. Each leader is being coached to reach their own personal goals.

In systemic team coaching, in addition to individual goals, the overall team/organizational goals are taken into context and this ensures individuals’ goals are aligned with the organizational goals.

Structure Takeaways Tools/Framework

The structure is custom-developed for each organization and team, based on several factors including team structure, size, what kind of work they are involved in etc. The program involves a few team-based sessions, along with a few individual 1x1 sessions, including a few team-based exercises.

Typical takeaways include:

  • Systemic Leadership Team Coaching addresses the needs at all 3 levels – individuals, teams and the organization. It is coaching on a microscopic and macroscopic level.
  • System Leadership Team Coaching helps increase organisation performance in a cost and time efficient way.
  • Systemic Leadership Team Coaching helps address the issues of the VUCA world in real time.

Various tools including facilitation and change management tools are used in group sessions to arrive at a common vision/goal/purpose, constellation theory may be used to help clarify how the systems network with each other and so on.

Gowri Ramani, brings 2 decades of rich experience of facilitating systemic transformation programs in multiple companies, in developing a finely tuned team coaching program just right for your organization.

Reach out for an in-depth discussion about your organization’s unique requirements and how to address the same.

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