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Marshall Goldsmith is one of the top thinkers in the world and one of the best know executive coaches for several Fortune 50 CEO’s and leaders.

Marshall’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching is highly recommended when a senior leadership team actively participates in each other’s’ development together.


The program typically involves 360-degree assessment of each leader, with the involvement of all other leaders (and possibly other stakeholders) using the proprietary leadership framework, GLOF, from Marshall’s methodology. The process includes monthly 1×1 coaching sessions of each leader, with periodic formal feedback from other leaders and stakeholders. The program runs for a minimum of 9 months and typically 12 months period

Structure Takeaways Tools/Framework

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process is a highly structured process, starting with a Committed Start leading to individual coaching sessions supporting the growth of the leader in specific areas. The picture below is a short representation.

Typical takeaways include improvements in leadership areas like:

  • Comtionmunica
  • Developing organizational culture & leaders
  • Managing performance

Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology provides several proprietary tools for a certified coach to use. Our Senior Executive Coach, Gowri S Ramani, is a certified executive coach who is trained and authorized to use these.

  • Bangalore, India
  • +91 9845557268


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