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Personalized program focusing on improving leadership behaviours for enhanced business results. Globally, research shows that Executive Coaching or Leadership Coaching returns an ROI of $7.9 per one Dollar invested.

Common reasons for a senior leader to seek 1×1 leadership coaching include one or more of:

Specific improvement areas identified through 360 degree or performance reviews
Elevation/preparation for a more challenging/executive role
Need to improve business and/or people related results
Having difficulties navigating organizational dynamics
Complexity and ambiguity at work accentuating the need for a trusted sounding board
Being passed over for promotion due to ‘lack of executive presence’ or leadership potential
Perceived conflict between personal values and work expectations
Structure Takeaways Tools/Framework
  • 8-12 sessions, 60 mins each, 1x1.
  • Span over 6-9 months
  • select focus areas
  • Video sessions on Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/…

Expected outcomes include, among others:
⦁   improved awareness of one’s thought processes, including self-limiting beliefs
   awareness of unconscious bias that dictate certain choices and actions
⦁   identification of patterns of behaviours that are no longer serving your purpose/ success and       how to break these patterns
⦁   Acquire new behaviours and habits that’d enable your growth in the path that you want
⦁   Better relationship with stakeholders and self
⦁   Overall better sense of balance and control over one’s actions and career path
 And more …

Coaching can be a great tool for individuals to know what are your natural leadership tendencies, what are the strengths you can use in the right instances (and not overuse as a strength can become a weakness by using in wrong instances or overusing in right instances!) and what are the weaknesses and how to overcome them in your day to day interactions, decision making and leadership practices.

The confidential sessions will enable deep self-reflection by means of non-judgemental questions, sharing of powerful insights by the coach and help you identify actions and commitments for you to carry forward. The coach brings a bouquet of tools include GROW, Mentor’s table, role playing, envisioning, and many more

  • Bangalore, India
  • +91 9845557268
  • Gowri@coachlumen.com


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