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Since 2017, at Lumen, we have been engaging with several clients from Top Tier companies across the globe, spanning multiple industries and sectors.
Success for our clients is of paramount interest to us and we are happy to share a sample of some of the results experienced by clients and their testimonials.

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Gowri coached me earlier in 2020. During that time she proved herself to be a generous mentor and trained me on navigating complex and politically charged work environments. Our sessions encouraged me to do my best using skills such as self-awareness, empathy, active listening and to employ creative approaches to manage conflicts in an executive setting. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for executive coaching to navigate their challenging professional landscape.

Priyanshu Raj

Corporate Vice President
Anita B.ORG
Success of community lies in giving back. Paying forward to inspire and help fellow technologists and leaders grow has been the secret sauce of AnitaB.org community. AnitaB.org India thanks Gowri for being an example and supporting our leaders with her guidance and coaching.

Maggie Inbamuthaia

Managing Director
It was a pleasure working with Gowri over the course of 5 sessions. She was instrumental in creating my own mental framework over key questions regarding career, work life balance and leadership. She is herself quite experienced in the corporate world and brings that experience to help through anecdotes and personal experiences. She helps think through the topic with probing questions and also keeps the conversation moving towards the agenda. Her sessions have greatly helped me in having greater clarity over my career and leadership objectives.

Gaurav Srivastava

Principal Consultant
Thanks a lot for taking time out for this. I found the sessions very useful and really pushed me to take a pause and think about what is important for me – professionally and personally. I really appreciated your provocative approach and would hope you continue that way – in fact would say maybe even push harder on this one. Your own life experiences were very useful as you shared them. I think you were reluctant to do this and maybe that’s the right approach at some places, I found them very useful as long as you were comfortable. I also liked how you waited for me to talk and push for solutions. You really helped me unclutter a lot of my thinking and life – deeply appreciate that J Appreciating that these are linked and helping me walk through this was very useful.

Varun Boppanna

Principal Consultant
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A couple of poor career transitions and managers left me stagnated at work. It was a stressful period where I started doubting my own capabilities. Feeling low on confidence, I was finding it hard to convert a suitable opportunity. Gowri’s coaching sessions helped me understand my strengths and passion areas. Her vast experience and exposure to the industry gave her the ability to relate with some of the organizational and cultural dynamics I was facing and advise me accordingly. I was able to gain back my confidence in a couple of sessions and convert an exciting role that opened up within my company.

Anand V

Product Leader
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I have been engaging with Gowri over past 18 months to help me understand my strengths and weaknesses as I prepare to transition into a senior role. Her experience as a C level professional in the corporate world, combined with her coaching skills helped me understand how to position myself for the next higher role. In our sessions she helped me relook at specific situations from the shoes of a senior professional and I was able to see talent alone was insufficient for senior roles. I am now relooking at my modus operandi within the organization.

Archana R

COO & Marketing Head
Gowri is committed, passionate and highly professional coach. She has helped me to come up with a new and fresh perspective on a long lasting issue and to be more true to myself. I have enjoyed our sessions a lot. They were always full of positive energy, much needed challenge and great insights. Thank you Gowri.

Maja Stanic

Executive and Team Coach
Gowri is an integral part of the Everwise mentor community who continues to support each mentee she works with. Her last mentee shared, "It has been a fulfilling learning journey with Gowri. From Gowri, I learned to look at things from a different perspective which has helped tremendously in driving the new project I am in charge of in the company." We appreciate the time and commitment Gowri continues to provide to the future of Everwise.

Angela Miller

It was my privilege to get associated with Gowri as my coach recently. She was involved passionately throughout the process – from goal refinement to results – while providing autonomy to me for execution to achieve desired objectives. She helped me with self-discovery leading to new paradigms. She is a very effective coach & I would strongly recommend her as a coach to my friends and colleagues.

Alok Kumar Jain

Senior Leader
Gowri is an exceptional coach, mentor and guide. She has this unique ability that encourages you to think beyond your known limits. I have had this opportunity to work with Gowri as her mentee. This has been a tremendous journey with tons of learning through reflecting on actions and plans. Thank you Gowri!!

Umang Khanna

Services Head- Client Operations
I had the opportunity to interact closely with Gowri recently and was really benefited by her outcome-focussed coaching / mentoring model. She always had the knack of asking the right probing questions to make me understand my strengths and capitalize on the same, thus being highly effective and instrumental on the outcome we were targeting, but at the same time maintaining a personal touch that made all the interactions enjoyable. I strongly recommend Gowri as a coach for anyone facing a career hurdle or looking to enhance their capabilities / prospects.

Piyal Mukherjee

Global Program Management
I have been coached by Gowri over a period of two months when I was going through a period of uncertainty in my career. Coaching by Gowri helped me to organise my thoughts and plan for my career transition, which included a change of place and a search for a new role. It also helped me clearly understand my strengths and articulate my priorities succinctly, helping me to take action with them in focus. This was a stressful period and coaching from Gowri helped me deal with the practical difficulties as well as emotional challenges that came with it. Gowri’s experience and expertise as a coach gives her the maturity and empathy that helped me identify my challenges and concerns, and deal with them comprehensively.

Sudhanshu Mishra

General Manager
I had the good opportunity to take an interactive coaching session from Gowri, recently. I had requested her for a session, as I needed help in clearing my thoughts & prioritising my future plans. The discussion was done in an engaging, thoughtful and thought provoking manner and I actually opened up to her about things that I had not consciously thought about ! At the end of the session, I felt light hearted, clear in mind about what I would like to really do. I am very very impressed and would love to have few more thoughtful sessions like these. Thank you so much Gowri, I did mention the above to you after our session, but wanted to place my heartfelt message and gratitude to you here. You are an excellent coach and I hope there would be many like me, who will benefit from you ! You are an excellent coach and I hope there would be many like me, who will benefit from you !

Yamuna T N

Assistant Vice President
I am glad that you have started Lumen to provide Executive/Leadership Coaching using much acclaimed Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching methods. I thought it appropriate to recollect my experiences of you as a coach in my Leadership roles. I was a part of your team around 2004 onwards, and we had an exceedingly challenging job of managing highly demanding, knowledgeable Global customers on one hand and a large high-performance team on the other. As the Head of our business group, while you efficiently managed and grew the Delivery Operations and Fiscals, the more important part for us was to drive the trust factor with our clientele and Teams. You were exceptional on coaching us on this front – helping the second line leaders on understanding the nuances of becoming trusted advisors, managing customer expectations and developing the ability to look around the corners and facing uncertainties and adversities. This helped us to scale the business exponentially with stupendous growth and highly motivated teams. I am proud to have seen most of our team members growing to executive leadership roles in global companies, all made possible through your exceptional coaching abilities. Thanks Gowri, for all your coaching In my career

Sundaresh Biligi

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